Secret Games 🆘

Oh you found us~ Here are some secret games for you to replace any of the existing games on the board.

You have better drinking ideas?
Let us know your idea!
We will feature you in our next batch of game release!




Pick 1 of 3 superheroes to pose for (Hulk, Spiderman, Superman), on the count of 3, everyone has to pose together. Whoever poses the same superhero as you drinks 2x


Players that wear glasses has to drink 3x

Thanos Snap

Snap your finger, choose half of the players to finish their own drink


Take an IG Story with the game in it, play sex, marry or kill with the first 3 people that viewed your story. If you refuse, you drink 5x


Everyone to vote a person who is most likely to get triggered to drink 3x

*If the person triggered again, he/she has to drink another 3x

Cambodia Give 3 statements (2 truths and 1 lie) and have everyone guess which is the lie. Whoever guesses wrongly drink 2x
Belly Beer Pick a player, pour your drink into their belly button and drink from it. If the player refuses, both drink 5x