Games That Will Leave You A Changed Person

A card game that either get you wasted or become a changed person.

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Bring Your Drinking Game To The Next Level.

A boardgame that is made by drunkies for drunkies.



Probably the craziest drinking board game you can find on the Internet.

The BEST board game for you and your friends to have fun & get drunk:

1. Get your drinks
2. Pick your piece and roll the dice
3. Start drinking & have fun
4. Forget about the game and do it all over again

Let's Go

Love the game, hate your friends

Friendships may end, drunken stories are forever

1. You won't be thirsty for sure
2. Dirty secrets might be revealed
3. No one is safe in this game

I Want It

Our Story

Once upon a time...

Three of us wanted to get drunk with our friends on a random weekend, but we realised that we have been playing the same drinking games for years and those were way too boring. So we took 6 shots each and created this board game while we were drunk. The rest is history.

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That's How We Started

Your stupid questions.

How to play?

Just play like monopoly, instead of playing with fake currency, drink if you lose a challenge.

How to win the game?

There are no real losers in this game, you just get bragging rights and you get to tell your grandkid legendary drunken stories one day.

I'm not 21 yet, can I play?

You can play with water (lame), or do whatever you want, we won't tell your parents.

What drink should I play with?

Any drink that you like, preferably with alcohol. Please don't play with toilet water, your breath will stink. Trust us, our intern knows.

Do you have an expansion pack?

We might consider it if our designers are not drunk everyday. We'll try though. Thanks for asking.