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Drunk or Drnuk Party Card Game

Drunk or Drnuk Party Card Game

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Drunk or drnuk is an ultimate pre-drink card game that is designed to get you drunk. Just play the card and get drunk. Do not hesitate to play it.

🔥 Not your average nerdy card game.

💀 Mixing alcohols are encouraged

💸 Cheaper than other card game, and brings more fun.

a party card game for drunkies

How to Play

All players take turns to draw a card and play the challenge, if you refuse, you drink!

Free Shipping

FREE DELIVERY nationwide for Malaysia. (3-5 working days, EM might take longer)

What's in the Box

180 x cards


Weight: 600g
Size: 25x25x5cm

21+ Only

Shhh... We won't tell your parents.

Return Policy

Who returns a board game anyway, cheapskate?

Just kidding, if it's faulty, reach our customer support, we'll replace it for you.

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Hottest Drinking Card Game on TikTok

Why This Game?

  • Want To Revenge

    From Break Up?

  • Want to Meet

    New People?

  • Finding Friend's

    Mom Is Hot?

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It shouldn't be just playing with friends and families...
We have included:

  • Strangers
  • Your Ex
  • Friend's Mother

180 cards with 0 accessories to make the party went 100% Drunk.

Designed For Party Animals.

With over 180 cards, the game dares players to perform outrageous challenges or take a drink. So gather your friends, grab some drinks, and get ready to let your wild side shine with us.

Liberate Your Introvert.

Need a little liquid courage to spice up your next group outing?
This game allows you to gather all kind of friends, crack open a cold party, and get everyone to join it.

Why Drunk or Drnuk?

That's How We Started

Certified Drunkie Testimony

Getting drunk, it's all that matters.

  • You won't remember the night.

    "I don't remember how I filmed a TikTok video with my friends and gotten a fracture."

  • Get drunk at home before going to the bar.

    "Got drunk, kissed my bestfriends' wife, went to the bar, got more drinks, tried to pay my bestfriends' wife $200 for another kiss."

  • True story of how I met your mother.

    "Why did your mom send me a flirty text this morning? What the f**k happened yesterday?"

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Customer Reviews

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Gurmin Kaur

Drunk or Drnuk Party Card Game


Drunk or Drnuk Party Card Game

Finally got mine!

Havent try it yet, hope it will be super fun!

Lim Wei Yi
Best Card Game

Enjoyed this so much, especially when you get to drink vodka like water! I'll buy 3.0 again!!

Erica Lim
Best Card Game

Played this, vodka till puke but no regrets!!!!