Shipping & Delivery

My order hasn't arrived yet!

We know you can't wait to get drunk.

Please reach our customer support team to check on your order. Usually it takes 3-5 business days for us to process it.

My parcel is damaged!

Aww poor thing, no refunds though.

We're kidding, reach out to our customer support for us to arrange a replacement. No additional charges applied.

I want free shipping!

Cheapskate LOL.
We offer free shipping worldwide, don't worry! I gotchu fam.

What courier are you using?

We actually have no idea.

Maybe the local courier company that is servicing your area?

Where is the tracking code?

Damn interns. Why are you drunk again?

Check your email, you should have received a tracking code to trace your parcel, else, reach out to our customer support, we'll help you update it.

Can I change an order I've just placed?

Make up your mind before you buy please.

Contact us, we'll try our best to change it for you!