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This Or That Party Card Game [Pre-Order - Shipping Out By 1st June]

This Or That Party Card Game [Pre-Order - Shipping Out By 1st June]

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This or That is an ultimate party drinking card game that is designed to get you doubt yourself. Just play the card and get drunk. Do not hesitate to choose your answer.

🔥 You Deserve A Better Game.

💀 Mixing alcohols are encouraged

💸 Cheaper than other card game, and brings more fun.

a party card game for drunkies

How to Play

1. Each player draws a card every turn and set a drink amount at the beginning as ground rules
2. The player who draws the card gets to be the judge and proudly announces it
3. Players pick their choice and explains their decision to the judge
4. The judge picks a side they don't agree with
5. The side that the judge disagrees with (the losers) has to drink
6. Rotate the judge role clockwise after each turn

Free Shipping

FREE DELIVERY nationwide for Malaysia. (3-5 working days, EM might take longer)

What's in the Box

99 x cards


Weight: 600g
Size: 25x25x5cm

21+ Only

Shhh... We won't tell your parents.

Return Policy

Who returns a board game anyway, cheapskate?

Just kidding, if it's faulty, reach our customer support, we'll replace it for you.

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Why This Game?

  • Save Your Therapy Money
    for Real Dilemmas

  • Lowkey Looking for Trouble

  • Excuse To Unleash Your Wild Fantasies

Unleash the Party Devil in You!

The choices is up to you to pick...
We have included:

  • Relationship
  • Dignity
  • Moral

Full of F***ked Up Questions
From simple to mind-blowing, never a dull moment.

Ticket To Heaven or...

A game where every choice is evil, and every round leaves you questioning your morals... and your dignity.

Join The Darkside.

It's a tough journey, but brace yourself for a night of wild choices and even wilder consequences.

Why This or That?

That's How We Started

Certified Drunkie Testimony

Getting drunk, it's all that matters.

  • You won't remember the night.

    "I don't remember much, but I woke up with a spoon in my pocket and a new tattoo."

  • Get drunk at home before going to the bar.

    "Played it once and found myself arguing why I'd wear socks as gloves"

  • True story from the founders.

    "Last game, I ended up pee-ing at my friends house and the parents saw it, man..."